The Ring

“I bought this ring, many, many years ago, when I was in a previous relationship which I think I bought when was I on holiday with my ex.  It was a significant moment as it taught me the most important lesson of my entire life, that’s why I think it’s a special
thing to remember that gives me some identity about who I was and how I have changed to who I want to be.
I used to be obsessed about buying rings.  I bought this ring, it was just different, and I am not even sure when I look back if I even liked the ring . . . it was different looking, something to wear on holiday, to just dress up different . . . I bought it for decorative pleasure.
The ring became significant as I learned about myself and also possibly about the demise of my relationship.  A friend on holiday wanted this ring and I refused.  My ex turned on me and said ‘this was very selfish and that I didn’t want to share anything’.  I remember I was quite adamant, feeling arrogant and selfish at the time, being proud of it.  At the end of the holiday, the relationship with my ex had ended, I didn’t give the ring to the person that wanted it, so I was left with a ring, no partner, no friend . . . the lesson for me was the ring stood for selfishness.  The biggest lesson in life is not about these objects, or decorative pieces and the stuff we collect, its more about the relationships we have and appreciating those people, be that your partner, your friends, your family.”


Jay, Indian, male, b.1990s, b.UK