Rolling Pin

“We are quite a foodie family, all of us are pretty much obsessed with food . . . I grew up basically in a food obsessed household, the rolling pin was the first thing I learnt to use to make chapattis and parathas, all sorts of things with it . . . that rolling pin has been there since my birth and it’s probably older than I am. It belongs to my grandmother and she brought it from Kenya. She brought the rolling pin, a chest cabinet, few plants and pots. These were some of her few belongings when they fled to the UK, after leaving the troubles in the country.”

rolling pin 1

“We were raised to learn to cook from a very early age . . . going to the shops with my grandparents and interacting with the ingredients, and checking if the mangoes were in season? Were the watermelons ripe? My mum basically said ‘I don’t care whether you are male or female, or whatever, you have got to learn to do DIY, cooking and washing and looking after yourself’.

Now I am a chef and for me it was all about love and that sort of connection when you are cooking for someone else. To me, cooking is like such a passionate thing, I want to make sure I am cooking for people I love and care about.”

Hussain, Kenyan/Pakistani, male, 29, b.UK