Obsession with Monty

“Browsing through the bookshelves at a railway station during the late 1980s, I found this paperback biography on Montgomery Clift, a late New York actor, who portrayed on film and stage ‘moody, sensitive young men’.

MC 1978‘Monty’, as he was popularly known, along with other more recognisable stars like Brando and Dean, introduced a new wave in post-World War 2 American cinema exploring issues of masculinity, identity and sexuality.   On finding it, Monty’s biography created my personal obsession in learning more about his life and times, collecting articles, photos, posters, biographies, music and magazines of 1950s and early 1960s America: an obsession that has endured to this day.

Twenty-one years ago, I met and fell in love with Sean in Manchester.  Our paths crossed when I was in my early thirties and once I decided to move to be with him, I began looking forward to being in a new city, making friends and a life away from London, a fresh start and a new beginning.  In those early weeks and months with him, I have very happy and precious memories, and remembering us in a photo kiosk.  Now, the photo from that day is a constant reminder of what is important to me: Sean who shares my life and puts up with my obsession for all things Monty”.

Kirit, 53, Indian, male, b. Tanzania