My keys, my chabbis

I recently turned 27, and for me, between the ages of 18 and 25, there was a lot of fun times within that, but I guess that period has been characterised by struggling to be comfortable in my identity, and my sexuality in particular, and working through that process in a series of life changes, I am really enjoying who I am and embracing my sexuality, and my identity as a queer Punjabi woman . . . I am living a very independent life so the keys represent my house, and the fun that is going inside and outside the house . . . a new home, feeling like a new beginning, a new life. I can hear my mum saying ‘where are my chabbis?’ It brings back those memories.Am

There are just the different elements to the keys so I think its how I see myself. From a young age, I wanted to be a lawyer, it was really difficult to accept that wasn’t me. It wasn’t what I enjoyed. It wasn’t in line with my values . . . The key ring has a photo of me in my prime, my prime playing days, me in a Brazil kit, and looking back that was me, feeling fully accepted and feeling free, and free from the expectations of what ‘an Asian girl is supposed to be’, really and my parents did really embrace that, always embraced the fact that I was more like Bend it Like Beckham than making brown chapattis.”

Amrita, Punjabi, female, 27, b.UK