Hundreds of thousands

“It’s a little jar, it’s what we call ‘hundreds of thousands’, you call them sprinkles. Basically, it’s a necklace, so the jar is attached to a cord, and I wear it, not so much anymore, but I used to wear it quite a bit when I bought it.

Sen 1

I probably got this almost a decade ago when I was at the Glebe Markets in Sydney. People come along and set up their stalls and sell various things.  I was walking past, and I saw it and it spoke to me as something that I thought was really cool on several fronts. Firstly, because its rainbow sprinkles, and because I have a sweet tooth and love sprinkles and I will sprinkle it on anything . . . but also because rainbow has that symbolic element to it, queerness and sexuality, sexual diversity and so for me, the idea of having a rainbow, wearing a rainbow has always been with me since I came out, and I like the fact that it’s in a cute little jar which to me has a kind of a magical element to it, a little potion bottle that you have got something mystical or magical around your neck.

It is something that was personal and symbolic in a political way as well. I have objects which are enormously personal to me and have an enormous sentimental attachment, but don’t really have much political significance . . . it appealed to me personally and aesthetically but it also carried some of my politics, and kind of summarised my politics quite nicely.”

Sen, Sri Lankan Tamil, 29, male, b.UK