Hold your beliefs lightly

“I have this little notebook, the front cover design is by Grayson Perry. And the title says, ‘hold your beliefs lightly’. . . it has the image of a figure or figures making their way along this mountain path in pilgrimage towards what looks like a Greek looking temple, or maybe not . . . The notebook given to me by a friend for Christmas or my birthday, I can’t remember. I have used my little notebook to put down what I believe, and that changes over time. It is easy to carry, it’s small and lightweight . . . I have moved around a lot and lived in different places, I have never had a home that’s kind of mine, so I guess I have this slight nomadic ness so it means that a lot of possessions come and go. I don’t really hang onto them (my possessions), I am quite happy to have them and then give them away . . .Sui

This (notebook) for me is really special, because it is something I have carried with me and I think the whole idea of ‘hold your beliefs lightly’ embodies something of my persona.

If you come from a culture where, something which is fundamental as your sexuality is disallowed or denied, you have to find your own way. There is a separation that occurs immediately between where you are from, and where you are, and possibly where you are heading?  For me, it goes back to this idea of pilgrimage, of seeking and meeting other people along the way, people who have that understanding and at the end of that journey, (hopefully) there is some enlightenment . . .

I experience life as a result of where I am at and who I am with, the culture, the history, and I am very conscious that these things operate inside of me . . . so I am not ashamed, it is not a secret. It is who I am.”

Sui, female, British – of Sri Lankan heritage, 45, b.UK