About Queer Desires

Queer Desires has emerged from my MA in Creative 1996Education course at the University of Salford.

It is about my passions for art and creativity, education, and social justice.  It also about my acceptance of who I am, and who I love and live my life with.

As the first generation of working class Indian Hindu parents, I am part of the global movement of peoples, migrants, refugees and workers, who have been displaced from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and who made homes in often unwelcoming environments in the West.

As a gay man, I am also part of the global Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities that also struggles to find political, religious and social acceptance and recognition of same sex love and relationships in many diverse cultural communities and countries.

Over the last two years, I have been working on education projects looking at the history and the presence of Black and Asian people in the UK.

This has evolved into exploring issues of race, identity and sexuality with LGBTQ people of Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds using personal objects as a starting point for a conversation and individual reflection.

The personal ‘artefact’  acted as a prop and catalyst to share memories, thoughts and reflections on each person’s unique story.  This approach opens up the potential for others from a similar background and situation to get involved with this initiative, and to express their own point of view.

The aims of this blog are to:

  • raise awareness and make visible the experiences and histories of LGBTQ Asian and Middle Eastern people in the UK
  • generate discussion and activism among groups and networks
  • present related material, contacts and resources for future collaboration, information and interest.